1. 露天賣場 (台灣唯一網路店家公司貨,其餘皆為水貨,歡迎來電確認避免受騙)

2. 歡迎來電公司詢問就近福為店家 (請告訴我們您的位置)



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Handmade & custom made in Germany

ax-lightness means innovation, state of the art technology, precision, passion and absolute expertise in the composite sector.
Since 2000 products of the highest quality and performance are crafted in elaborate manual labour in our manufacture in Upper Franconia.

Benotti for over 13 years stands for absolute competence and expertise in custom made bikes from Germany.
With their takeover and fusion Benotti allows ax-lightness to position themselves even more professionally and individually for you.

  • High class workmanship from Germany

We exclusively and without an exception produce all of our products in our manufacture in Germany. This circumstance is based on conviction and represents a clear decision pro Germany. You thus invest in Germany as a location for business and industry!

Moreover it is impossible to source the same quality and technology from the Far East. Ask our motorsports partners from the highest racing categories (such as Formula 1, MotoGP, LeMans or FIA GT), they will confirm this claim!




  • Cycling at Formula 1 level

Whether in motor sport or cycling – carbon is the material of choice wherever every gram counts in delivering optimum performance. We bring the standards that ax-lightness sets as a key supplier in professional motor sport directly to cycling. The result: Development and manufacturing to Formula 1 standards. In other words, a completely new approach in the field of cycling.


  • Full-range supplier with a proven system

ax-lightness is not only a system supplier, but also a full-range supplier. With us, everything works in harmony because ax-lightness has the highest vertical integration in its field for a complete value chain in Germany.

  • Innovation made in Germany

Our numerous patented components come from a philosophy that guarantees the highest standards for the manufacture of lightweight components by combining expertise and our own identification with our products.

  • Hand-crafted high tech

Maximum stability, lowest possible weight – this is the character our components have thanks to the complex manufacturing process used for high-tech bikes to high-quality components for Formula 1.